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Bomb blast suppression bin

Product Description:
    Bomb Blast Suppression Bin is a kind of special and standalone equipment for temporarily storing dangerous explosive materials, which can effectively suppress horizontal diffusion of blast and fragments caused by explosion of explosive materials contained inside, thus to avoid or relieve the damage for personnel, expensive equipment, historic relics and archives, and special public facilities. It's a necessary equipment for departments needing anti-explosion security check such as public security, armed police, civil aviation, railroad, customs and gymnasium and stadium, which is mainly used for temporarily isolating, storing and handling explosive materials.
    FBG-YHGZ01 model Bomb Blast Suppression Bin produced by us is in accordance with the requirements stipulated in GA 871 -2010 Bomb Blast Suppression Bin for fixed bomb blast suppression bin which is capable to resist TNT equivalent 1.5K. It's composed by inner bin, outer bin and absorption and buffer layer. The circular section of the bin body is structured by inner and outer manganese steel sheet, filled with UHMWPE materials and special glues as in-between. Stainless steel trimming plate is adopted around the bin body. The bottom of the bin body is also composed by inner and outer layer manganese steel sheet, UHMWPE materials and special glues. Four wheels are mounted at the bottom of outer bin, enabling convenient motion and transportation.

Technical Parameters:
    Anti-explosion performance: put explosive block equivalent to 1.5kg TNT (density: 1.55g/cm3 --1.6g/cm3 ) into the Bomb Blast Suppression Bin in firing range. The distance between geometric center of the explosive block and the center of bottom of the inner bin is 190mm. No.8 electric detonator is used for ignition. After explosion, the body of the outer bin is complete without damage such as cracks and holes. The bin body is not burned, and no heavy smoke and dusts. No accessories fall off.

The dimension of the Bomb Blast Suppression Bin:
   Outer bin: 580mm*650mm
   Inner bin: 450mm*585mm
   Weight: 180Kg (not including package)




External Wooden Case:
   Dimension: 700mm*700mm*900mm
   Material: Wood 
   Weight: 25Kg   
   Valid period: it's lifetime valid if no explosion happened.

    (1)the bin should be put at place where at least 6m space overhead, and avoiding bearing beam, pendant lamp and matters which may produce harmful splashing fragments if damaged.
    (2)though the bin body can absorb certain noise caused by explosion, the explosion noise is still loud if at near place or indoor. Personnel should stay at safe distance (4m), and protect the eardrum.
    (3)The explosive material detected should be put into the bin quickly and lightly by professionals (mechanical arm is preferred), and then drag it to outdoor and open field.Confirm whether it's safe.

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