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    Our bulletprof vests can be used for all kinds of ballistic protection requirments,we have a variety of types including full-protection bulletproof vest, geneal bulletproof vest, and female bulletproof vest, etc. we also can manufacture the bulletproof vest for special use based on our clients' actual demand. The main ballistic materials are Aramin UD fabric and PE fabric. The panel was made by special auto-cutting equiment and waterproof heat-seal equiment. It is waterproof, moisture proof, heat proof, and high temperature resistance.
    According to customers' requirments, whether you need Polyethylene(UHMWPE) or Aramid, the same goes for level of ballistic protection. All the vests may be supplied with pockets for ballistic plates and oyher attachments, the user can get a higher level of protection by adding hard ballistic in the front and back.


Product Type No. Protection Level Materials Weight Kg Size
  FDY-YH001   PE 4kg±0.2kg/m2 L 0.3m2
Bullet proof vest Level 2 M 0.28m2
S 0.25m2


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