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    This type of anti-riot suit is the soft and full-protection suit. It is the new design researched and manufactured by our company. Different from the previous soft anti-riot suit, whose stab-resistant and anti-fighting performance is poor and effective protection area is small. What's more, it is also different from the general armored suits, whose bearing sense is heavy, air permeability is poor, and external plastic shell is easy to be broken. This type of anti-riot suit adopts the fabric with good air permeability. Besides, there are the double-layer resistant materials with light -weight and high strength as well as special metal plates inside of the suit, which can be folded randomly. The volume after being folded is only half of that of conventional armored suits, which facilitates the carrying along with the policemen to take actions. Above all, after wearing this type of anti-riot suit, the combat effectiveness and sense of comfort of the policemen can be largely increased.


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