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Technical Parameters:
Composition:Explosion-Proof Blanket
Size:Explosion-Proof Blanket 1600*1600(mm)
Explosion-Proof Enclosure 160*630(mm) 505*300(mm)

Use the explosion-proof blanket and explosion-proof enclosure
at the same time, the explosion-proof enclosure shall be applied frist to cover the suspected explosive, and the suspected explosives shall be placed in the center of the enclosure. And then, put the explosion-proof blanket on the enclosure. Pointing the center of the blanket at the center of the enclosure.
When igniting the 82-2 type standard grenade, the staffs outside of 1m to the center of the explosion will not get a lethal damage. When igniting the 200g TNT explosive only, the staffs outside of 3m to the center of the explosion will not get a lethal damage.
Once the explosion-proof blanket(the enclosure) is be exploded, it should not be used agin.

The bomb suppression blanket is applicable to the valuable apparatuses, special public places and crowded places(such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, subways, places of cultural entertainment and kindergartens etc,) with any explosion-proof requiement, to protect staffs. It is the necessary equipment for civil aviation, railways, ports, and customs and so on.


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